Data based, principle-centered leadership development

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We accurately DIAGNOSE the current culture of each campus by measuring the ten dimensions of organizational health originally championed by Columbia University's Dr. Matthew Miles in his groundbreaking research. The Organizational Health Instrument (OHI), developed by OHDDC, allows for reliable, relevant data to be collected in twenty minutes within the context of a faculty meeting.

Using this reliable data, we work directly with supervisors and principals to DEVELOP a roadmap for building on strengths and addressing priority dimensions on each campus. There is no one size fits all here. Every next step we develop with you is based on your data and shaped by OH's Six Leadership Beliefs. These leadership beliefs are principle-centered, tied directly to the ten dimensions, and are imminently practical and actionable at the campus level.

In the third phase of OH's Improvement Cycle; principals - freshly equipped in the Development phase - are able to DEPLOY fresh insights and best practices on their campuses. The good news is that the principal can begin this effort with a small group of leaders on the campus. The square root of your organization is enough to transform your organization. Here's the great news: the Deployment phase does not require a major interruption to the campus. The OH Improvement Cycle is not an add-on. It works seamlessly within the current structure and schedule of each campus.


The OH Improvement Cycle is a repeating pattern of diagnosing current health, developing plans based on data, and deploying solutions in a way that grows leaders and drives student achievement.