Organizational Health Diagnostic & Development Corporation

Cost-Effective Services

OHDDC has developed an extraordinary repertoire of resources to:

  • Accurately diagnose the internal state of an organization as measured by the ten dimensions of Organizational Health.

  • Identify leadership and organizational strengths and improvement priorities that permeate the system.

  • Display these data in conceptual models that provide frameworks for moving individuals and teams from Dependence to Independence to Interdependence.

  • Provide a systematic, collaborative process for helping leaders improve their leadership and organizational skills through the use of effective coaching models,

  • Facilitate the development and implementation of structures and strategies necessary to accomplish organizational goals.

  • Utilizes principle-centered Leadership Belief Statements to facilitate the alignment of decisions throughout the system.

  • Provide a conceptual infrastructure as the basis for establishing, maintaining, and/or modifying systems necessary for sustained success.

Systemic implementation of these diagnostic and development services will improve the critical dimensions of Organizational Health that are statistically correlated with increased performance and productivity. The results are measurable and lead to Sustained Systemic SuccessTM.